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Morphology of Plants

Morphology of Plants
The handbook "Biology - Morphology of Plants" will be useful to high school students, prospective students and everyone who is interested in biology, botany and plants.

Topics covered include:
Leaf: general structure of simple and compound leaves; shapes, dissection types, types of margin, venation, arrangement.
Flower: general structure of a flower, grass flower and spike; symmetry types, corolla shapes, simple inflorescences, monopodial inflorescences. "Biology - Morphology of Plants" handbook will be a good biology helper!
Fruit: classification of dry and fleshy fruits.

The free version of plant reference "Biology - Morphology of Plants" includes one example of each characteristic of the structure of leaves, flowers and fruits (type of venation, corolla shape, etc.). Paid version costs $9.99.

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