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Memory – Brain Trainer

Memory - Brain Trainer
Want to improve your concentration and memory skills? This game is for you! Exciting educational game for all ages; it stimulates the brain and the attention span, train visual memory and logical thinking.

The game is free to download.


  • - 4 game modes: Memory, Knowledge, Memory + Knowledge, Wit
  • - 8 categories of cards: road signs, flags, animals, people, etc.
  • - 8 levels: field sizes from 2x2 to 8x10
  • - multiplayer
  • - counting results: time and score
  • - High Scores page
  • - user-friendly interface
  • - 2 languages

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There are 4 game modes: Memory, Knowledge, Memory + Knowledge and Wit.

There are 8 levels (field size from 2x2 to 8x10) and 6 categories of pictures (road signs, flags, animals, people, etc).

"Memory". The player needs to flip two identical cards to find a match in as few moves as possible.

"Knowledge". The player needs to match the image with the correct name, for example: the flag and the country, a musical instrument and its name and so on.

You need to match up the cards as fast as you can and to make as few mistakes as possible to earn more score points! You can see your best results on the High Scores page.